Adult Swim Squads

Develop your skills, technique and endurance in the water with The NAC water programs. Work with a group under the watchful eye of an NAC coach, and benefit from their wealth of knowledge in swim, surf and triathlon.

This is open to all levels and ages, with a focus on triathletes, seniors and masters looking to tweak and improve their technique.

Junior Swim Squads

This program is ideal for budding athletes allowing them to swim in competitive environments locally and nationally. The program is also beneficial for those looking to improve their general fitness, or as a complementary training for other sporting activities.

Train  with one of our experienced coaches, and this program is under contract to Noosa Swim Squads.

The Noosa Swim Squad program is managed by:

Graeme Brewer (Brew), Program Director

Graeme is a seasoned and experienced swim coach. He is an Olympian swimmer, having competed in 1980 and 1984. He then took a position sharing his swimming knowledge and led the Pymble Ladies College in 18 school championships between 1984 and 2004, as well as forming the Willoughby Swim Club in 1990.

Graeme has a strong focus on technical skills and training progressions, and works with Sally Evans to develop junior swimmers.

John Rodgers (JR), Head Coach

John is an experienced swim coach and is renowned for his success with young swimmers including Bronte Barratt, Kylie Palmer, Leith Brodie, and the Grimsey boys. He drives the competitive program of the Noosa Swim Squad, and challenges athletes through a balance of quality and endurance.

Aqua Aerobics


A traditional aqua class, great for burning fat and shaping muscles in a low impact environment. Held in our 25m pool.

Aqua Deep

This is a more challenging class which utilises buoyancy belts and pool noodles to intensify the movements. Still a low impact fitness option, this class is held in the 50m pool.

GymStick H2O

Gymstick H2O is like no other Aquatic exercise format; Gymstick H2O also assists core muscles. Using the Gymstick in the water gives you full control of the intensity, training muscular strength and endurance as well as balance and coordination. Gymstick H2O aslo assists with postural alignment. 25m pool. Maximum 20 participants.

Fitness Classes

Circuit Class

Our circuit classes offer a different set of exercises every day ensuring you are challenged and never bored with your workout. Circuits offer varying levels of intensity and will take your strength and fitness to new levels.

Cardio and Core

This challenging workout will increase your lung capacity and strengthen your core. Open to all levels.


Improve your range of motion, flexibility, and balance with this dynamic and enjoyable group fitness class.

For more information about our fitness classes, email, or visit the gym and take a tour.

Additional Programs


Log Rolling Australia

Log Rolling is an exciting non-traditional sport that provides many physical & health benefits. Apart from being fun and extremely addictive, it is a non-contact, low impact sport that promotes great balance, core strength, cardio endurance, leg speed and requires high levels of concentration. Please visit the Log Rolling Australia website for more information. These sessions are conducted by a third party and are not run by the Noosa Aquatic Centre.