Adult Swim Squads

Develop your skills, technique and endurance in the water with The NAC water programs. Work with a group under the watchful eye of an NAC coach, and benefit from their wealth of knowledge in swim, surf and triathlon.

This is open to all levels and ages, with a focus on triathletes, seniors and masters looking to tweak and improve their technique.

Junior Swim Squads


This program provides flexibility and ideal for budding athletes allowing them to swim in competitive environments locally and nationally. The program is also beneficial for those looking to improve their general fitness, or as a complementary training for other sporting activities. We encourage participants to decide for themselves which session suits their needs.

Platinum: 3.45 – 4.45pm   (Monday’s 3.30pm – 4.30pm) 25mtr pool

  • Flexible 1-5 times per week
  • Fun, fitness and endurance
  • Stroke correction
  • Consolidate dives, turns, starts and finishes

Intermediate: 5.30 – 7am/4.30 – 6pm   50mtr pool

  • Aimed at 2-5 times per week
  • Greater fitness and endurance
  • Surf skill focus
  • Improving efficiency through stroke technique

Senior: 5.30 – 7.30am/4.00 – 6.30pm   50mtr pool

  • 5 + times per week
  • Tailored sessions
  • Still water program
  • Focused on athletes aiming to compete

Train with one of our experienced coaches…

John Rodgers (JR)

John Rodgers or ‘JR’ as he is known in swimming circles, is a Platinum Licensed Coach with extensive international experience including four Olympic Swim Teams as well as numerous Commonwealth Games, World Championship Swim Teams and has been named Australian Swim Coach of the year 3 times. Not to mention heading off to his forth Olympic Games next year as an Open Water 10 km swim coach. He drives our competitive swim program and challenges athletes through a balance of quality and endurance.

Programs John R

Belinda Granger

I have a Bachelor of Human Movement (Sydney University), have been a Physical Education teacher for 12 years and former professional Triathlete for 18 years with 15 Ironman Distance titles. I a member of the Australian Ironman Hall of Fame and I’ve been living in Noosa now for 18 years so it feels really great to be able to give back to a community that has given me so much throughout my triathlon career. Being a teacher at heart, I am really looking forward to coaching this squad of amazing teenagers and not only installing many of the values I have been taught over the years but also emphasising fun and fitness as a way of life, especially here on the Sunny Coast.

Programs Belinda

Ciro Ramalho 

I’m Brazilian born and despite living and working in Australia for 18 years I’ve somehow managed to retain my thick accent so don’t be scared to ask twice if you’re unsure.

As a former competitive swimmer both swimming and surfing have always been a big part of my life and were a major influence on me initially becoming a Swimming Instructor and then a Bronze level Coach. I still love it and enjoy most helping swimmers achieve their goals whether that be maintaining fitness or Olympic dreams in whatever discipline they choose. I’ve spent my time coaching in the Northern Beaches of Sydney before coaching on the Sunshine Coast for 8 years and Ferny Hills last year.

I’m very excited to become part of the Noosa community and part of the NAC team. I hope to see you on pool deck soon.


Sally Evens

I have been a swim coach for 25 years and the last 19 working at NAC. I have coached children from seven years through to adults, incorporating all levels of abilities including learn to swim, pool competition, surf and triathlon. I really enjoy teaching people that swimming can be broken down into working on different skills utilising specific drills. Then bring it all together to make their swimming enjoyable, easier and more efficient. Whether you are learning to swim or for general fitness or to refine your stroke I can help you.

Programs Sally

Lina Young

My swimming career started over 20 years ago. After teaching my son to swim, sparking my passion to teach others, which still drives me today to attend swim conferences to further improve my skills and knowledge. Last year I was the recipient of the AUSTSWIM 2020 Queensland State Award of Excellence for Teacher of Swimming & Water Safety.

I am a qualified Coach and have been teaching and coaching at the NAC for the past seven years. Teaching all ages and abilities from basic foundations to advanced stroke correction. Previously I gained my experience from coaching at various aquatic centres and beaches in Perth.

I love helping children improve their stroke technique and giving them a feel for the water. It is so rewarding to see individuals develop in their swimming abilities and go on to be great swimmers. I love to help them achieve their personal goals whether for competition or to use these skills in other water related sports.

Lina Platinum

Catherine White

I have coached at the NAC for the past ten years, with previous experience at other aquatic facilities. Through my qualifications and experience, I am qualified to coach a range of abilities from fundamental squad skills to advanced stroke correction. My partner and I are 30 year locals and our three children have been involved in the local surf lifesaving clubs and swim clubs for many years. They started as nippers and now compete in elite competitions, such as the Nutrigrain Iron Series and have represented Australia. It all started with swimming lessons at the NAC! My passion is to provide an enjoyable and rewarding environment, so each child’s needs are met to reach their swimming goals.

Programs Cath

Time /Day







5.30am                                  50m Pool                   (120mins)

John Rodgers (JR)

John Rodgers (JR)


John Rodgers (JR)

John Rodgers (JR) 25m Pool


5.30am                                  50m Pool                   (90mins)

Ciro Ramalho

Ciro Ramalho

Ciro Ramalho

  Ciro Ramalho      25m Pool 


7.00am                               50m Pool                     (120mins)






John Rodgers (JR)

8.30am                                 50m Pool                     (60mins)






Sally Evens

3.45pm                                25m Pool                  (60mins)

Catherine White (3.30pm start)

Sally Evens

Sally Evens

Lina Young



4.30pm                                     50m Pool                 (90mins)

Belinda Granger

Ciro Ramalho

Belinda Granger

Ciro Ramalho



4.00pm                                  50m Pool                 (120mins)

John Rodgers (JR)

John Rodgers (JR)

John Rodgers (JR)

John Rodgers (JR)

John Rodgers (JR)


Aqua Aerobics


Traditional Aqua class applying the water’s resistance using different equipment. All ages and fitness levels welcome. 25m pool.

Aqua Deep

This is a more challenging class which utilises buoyancy belts and pool noodles to intensify the movements. Still a low impact fitness option, this class is held in the 50m pool.

Active Aqua

A more intense workout aimed at the younger and fitter participant.  Great for burning fat and strengthening the body. Held in our 25m pool.

Aqua H20

A More intense Aqua workout using “Gymsticks” to add a strong resistance component to the clasic Aqua class.  Join Linda for an early start to your Sunday and feel great for the rest of the day! (Maximum 20 participants) 

Get to know our NAC Instructors….

Georgina Madison

I love working in a small facility where you get to know everyone personally. I am keen to assist people to become aware of their posture, body alignment and movement patterns, and facilitating them in achieving changes towards injury prevention and better functionality in day-to-day activities. My passion is assisting older patrons become as fit and strong as possible to live an active and healthy life.


Jo Gleeson

I’ve had a passion for fitness and staying active my whole life and became a Personal Trainer in 2014. I’ve played State League Netball, participated in swim squads throughout my pregnancies to remain fit and healthy and I love swimming, group fitness and exploring the many great paths, climbs and mountains we have here on the Sunny Coast. You’ll see me poolside running Aqua Aerobics sessions and also in the gym getting everyone moving in my classes. I love working with all ages but have a passion for keeping mature aged men and women active to help with fitness, mobility, balance and most of all……fun!


Kirsten Hackney

Hi everyone my name is Kirsten and I’m a proud mother of my daughter Scarlet, a Personal Trainer and an Aqua Instructor. You will find me putting everyone through their paces either in the Gym or on the Poolside. I’ve been in the Fitness industry for over 20 years and I love my job as they say “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.
My passion is working as a team with my clients and helping them succeed in achieving their health and fitness goals whatever they maybe. I truly believe that the power of positivity can help you do anything you set your mind to. So come and say “Hi”, I’d love to be part of your fitness journey.


Linda Taylor

I have been teaching Aqua Aerobics classes on the Sunshine Coast for over 10 years. As well as presenting Aqua masterclasses, I have organised fundraising Aqua Day events. Gymstick H2O is a firm favourite program for me to instruct. I continually update my skills (attending International conferences and workshops), keeping routines and music fresh and fun so as to deliver the best outcome for all participants, whatever their fitness level. When I am not by pool side, you’ll find me at the gym, on the golf course (work in progress) or volunteering.


Riley O’Brien

For the best part of a decade I have worked as a PT and Group Fitness instructor. In 2016 I became a Strength and Conditioning Coach working with young athletes across a variety of sports, and recently completed a bachelor in Exercise Science. My main focus is getting young people active and enjoying exercise, and to this end, created and run the Teen Gym program at the NAC. I am also working on completing a Masters in Exercise Science looking at factors influencing physical activity in teens.


Sam Mc Taggart

I have been in the Fitness Industry for 17 years, joining the NAC 6 years ago teaching Aqua Aerobics. Prior to that I worked at Curves Ladies Gym for 10 years. I am a qualified Learn to Swim Teacher, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor. I love working with people, seeing them happy keeping fit and enjoying themselves.


Fitness Classes

Circuit Class

Different every day, this medium-intensity class will tone your body, push you that little bit further and lift your strength and fitness to new heights. Get fit and strong while having fun.

Morning Blast

A class to wake you up with high-intensity interval training and challenging resistance exercises. Always different, always fun – a go-hard-and-go-home class to start your day with a blast!

Strong heart, strong body

Aimed at those new to exercise, this entry-level class will increase your aerobic capacity as well as build muscle. Basic exercises to improve your strength, stability and functionality in daily activities.


A mainly mat-based whole-body workout that will challenge your core, balance and flexibility through controlled movements. Lengthening and strengthening exercises will increase your stability and range of motion, improve your posture, release tension and allow you to move freer in your day-to-day activities. You will leave feeling stronger, lighter, more centred and energised.

For more information about our fitness classes, email, or visit the gym and take a tour.