Adult Swim Squads

Develop your skills, technique and endurance in the water with The NAC water programs. Work with a group under the watchful eye of an NAC coach, and benefit from their wealth of knowledge in swim, surf and triathlon.

This is open to all levels and ages, with a focus on triathletes, seniors and masters looking to tweak and improve their technique.

Adult Squad Timetable

nac athlete Squads


This program provides flexibility and ideal for budding athletes allowing them to swim in competitive environments locally and nationally. The program is also beneficial for those looking to improve their general fitness, or as a complementary training for other sporting activities. We encourage participants to decide for themselves which session suits their needs.

NAC ATHLETE Timetable and fees sQUAD nEWS


NAC PLATINUM SQUAD (Blue Cap) 1 hour – Learn to swim

The first taste of fun aerobic sets to gain fitness base and improve on all four strokes including an introduction to dives, starts and finishes as well as a big focus on stroke correction.

Flexible 1-5 sessions per week                                                             *Equipment required: Flippers and kickboard

NAC JUNIOR SQUAD (White Cap) 1.5 hours – Sally, Belinda & Joao

Programs designed to increase aerobic fitness, skills and drill sets. The junior squad aims to increase the swimmers’ awareness of all four strokes as well as individual medley. Swimmers will also improve their skills and technique. This squad is focused at junior swimmers wishing to improve their fitness for their chosen sport.

Flexible 2-5 sessions per week                                                            *Equipment required: Flippers, kickboard & pull buoy

NAC INTERMEDIATE SQUAD (Silver Cap) 1.5 hours – Kareena

Programs designed for competitive pool and open water swimmers working towards achieving state qualification, state finalist surf swimmers, junior elite triathletes and senior high school students wishing to improve their fitness. These sessions are specifically designed to each swimmers’ requirements.

Recommended 4+ session per week                                                 *Equipment required: Flippers, paddles, pull buoy & kickboard

NAC SENIOR SQUAD (Black Cap) 2 hours – Kareena

Seasonally designed programs for State and National pool swimmers, national open water swimmers, national finalist surf swimmers, and elite triathletes. The sessions are specifically designed to each swimmers’ stroke and distance.

Recommended 5+ sessions per week                                                *Equipment required: Flippers, paddles, pull buoy, band, snorkel & kickboard

NAC HP SQUAD – JR    By application only

Come train with one of our experienced coaches…

Aqua Aerobics


Traditional Aqua class applying the water’s resistance using different equipment. All ages and fitness levels welcome. 25m pool.

Aqua Deep

This is a more challenging class which utilises buoyancy belts and pool noodles to intensify the movements. Still a low impact fitness option, this class is held in the 50m pool.

Aqua Strength

A 50min class using Aquatic resistance equipment to ensure a fantastic workout for all the muscle in your body. 25m pool.

Sunrise Aqua

Blast into your day with a 45min class to rev up your metabolism work your muscles in the forgiving environment of the water and start your morning on a high. 25m pool. 

Aqua Circuit

Join Linda for an Aqua class with a difference. Featuring 3 equipment areas (buoyancy, drag, and no equipment) with 4-8 exercises. Each exercise is performed for as et time followed by a short recovery. A fun way to start the day! 25m pool. 

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Fitness Classes

Circuit Class

Different every day, this medium-intensity class will tone your body, push you that little bit further and lift your strength and fitness to new heights. Get fit and strong while having fun.

Strong heart, strong body

Aimed at those new to exercise, or returning from absence or injury, this entry-level class will increase your aerobic capacity as well as build muscle. Basic exercises to improve your strength, stability and functionality in daily activities.


A mainly mat-based whole-body workout that will challenge your core, balance and flexibility through controlled movements. Lengthening and strengthening exercises will increase your stability and range of motion, improve your posture, release tension and allow you to move freer in your day-to-day activities. You will leave feeling stronger, lighter, more centred and energised.

For more information about our fitness classes, email, or visit the gym and take a tour.

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