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NAC Learn to Swim Program

Learning to Swim is an essential for Aussie kids! We are the land of beautiful beaches, backyard pools and swimming carnivals in summer.

The NAC Learn to Swim Program is a fun, and supportive way for kids to gain this important life skill and are structured for babies, pre-schoolers, school-aged children, and adults.

Our program is focussed on progressing through the different levels, and children can start at almost any age. Come and watch a lesson, or take advantage of a complimentary assessment of your child’s abilities so we can place them in the right level.

We also host Intensive Programs throughout school holidays. This program helps to accelerate children’s learning and build confidence over five consecutive days. It’s a great way to reinforce and boost skills, particularly if children have had a break from swimming or are just getting started on their aquatic journey.

The lessons are held in the mornings, Monday to Friday during school holidays, with all levels and abilities catered for from 6 months of age. Bookings are essential, contact us for FREE assessment and class availability. 

Recent compliment on our LTS Intensive Program- “We do the intensive swim program each school holidays. It has been amazing for our daughter’s swimming as we have seen massive improvements in her skills over the course of the week.” Elise, current Learn to Swim Program parent.

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Read more about the levels in our Program below and contact us to enrol or for more information,

Learn to Swim Class Descriptions

Baby Splash (Parent and baby) 3-6 months

A free introductory water familiarisation class aimed at parent/infant bonding, comfort in the water, social interaction and sensory exploration.

Jellyfish (Parent and baby – maximum 6) 6-15 months

Helping parents to feel more confident with their baby in the water to ensure their child’s water experiences are safe and happy. Establishing breath control for safe, trauma free submersions and introduction to front and back floating.

Hermit Crab (Parent and baby – maximum 6) 15 months – 2 ½ years

Repetition of activities and play encourage basic skills including: safe entries and exits, submerging, floating, kicking and paddling, developing confidence and independence in the water.

Goldfish (Parent and baby – maximum 6) 2 ½ – 4 years

Consolidating the skills learnt in the previous levels, while extending their propulsive skills of kicking, paddling and breathing as well as safety skills. Developing independence from the parent in preparation for transitioning into a class without a parent in the water.

Seahorse (Depending on ability – maximum 4) 3 – 4 years

Independent from parent. Focusing on establishing propulsive straight legs on tummy and back. Improving floating, body position, safety skills and lots of fun.

Flying Fish (Confident Pre-Schooler/Beginner School Age – maximum 4)

Independent from parent. Focus on floating, submerging, good body position and developing propulsive kick in readiness for introduction of arms in next level. Safe entries and exits in deep water.

Eel (Confident Pre-Schooler/School Age – maximum 5)

Introduction of freestyle and backstroke arms. Developing good coordination of arms while maintaining good body position and strong propulsive kick.

Dolphin (School Age – maximum 5)

Introduction to side breathing in freestyle. Developing correct timing of breathing together with the co-ordination of arm and leg movements. Extending backstroke development and dolphin kick.

Crayfish (School Age – maximum 5)

Consolidating freestyle and backstroke focusing on improving technique while increasing distance.  Introduction of breaststroke kick, streamlines starts and crouch dives.

Stroke Development Program

Bronze Squad (30 minutes – maximum 6 students)

Extending distance in 25m Pool, focusing on improving technique in freestyle and backstroke. Improving narrow whip breaststroke kick and introduction to breaststroke arms. Streamlined dives and carnival preparation skills.

Silver Squad (45 minutes – maximum 8 students)

Focusing on correct technique over longer distances of freestyle, backstroke and correct timing of breaststroke. Carnival preparation skills and introduction to butterfly and turns.

Gold Squad (1 hour – maximum 10 students)

Consolidating all four strokes, dive starts and turns. An emphasis on developing butterfly while building strength and endurance over longer distance for fitness and in preparation for competitive swimming.